Shipping Delays in US, Canada, Israel, Singapore, European Union

Our carrier informed us that certain countries will have up to a few days delay in processing and forwarding of incoming packages.


United States: Still the cargo backlog at most ports. 1-3 days delay - no details when it’s going to be back to normal.

Canada: The extreme weather is causing delays from 2-4 days. Manitoba and Northern Ontario shipments will experience a one day delay. Saskatchewan orders may experience a one day delay. Areas in Alberta will experience a one or more day delay due to heavy snowfall and noon service cut offs.

Israel: COVID related understaffing of airlines and the postal service is creating 1-3 days delay - it is expected to go back to normal by next week.

Singapore: Due to a drastic increase in seasonal shipments delays of 6-8 days are expected at the transshipment terminals.

European Countries: Recently the customs inspections system at the LGG port in Belgium has been upgraded but the system is understaffed. A backlog of 3-5 days has built up with no exact time of recovery.