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Die Tastaturmatte die Glorious ist! ;)


- 4mm


- 40%: 282x130 mm / 11.1x5.11 in
- 60%: 320x132 mm / 12.59x5.19 in
- 65%: 364x136 mm / 14.33x5.35 in
- TKL: 394x160 mm / 15.51x6.29 in
- Alice: see FAQ


- Pantone Cool Grau 11
- all Black


Jede Bestellung beinhaltet ein Set von 4 Silikone Fuessen um die Handgelenkauflage zu erhoehen, falls die sonst zu niedrig ist.

Please note
that the pictures of the Cool Gray color are taken with studio lighting and that the light reflecting silky fabric will come out in person a few shades darker and a lot smoother. The color is a lot better in person than it is currently possible to show in pictures.
Check out this video to see how impossible the color is to catch with a camera.

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