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Krytox GPL 105 is an oil-based lube that can be applied using a brush or via bag lubing. Because it is less viscous than 205g0, it is a worse choice for linear switches but may be a better choice for tactile switches because it increases glide without compromising the tactile bump. Additionally, because it can be swiftly bag-applied to a full set of springs, it is ideal for lubing all sorts of springs.

Krytox GPL 205g0 is a grease-based lube that needs to be applied using a brush. It works wonders on linear switches, tactile switches, and stabilizers, and is arguably the most widely used product in the hobby. It produces a smoother stem travel, dampens noise, and reduces the scratchiness of the tactile bump when using tactile switches.

Krytox GPL 205g2 is the standard grade of the 205 grease series. Due to the addition of more microfine PTFE thickener, it is denser than 205g0 but retains the same viscosity and lubrication qualities. We believe that its thicker consistency and better gap-filling abilities make it a good choice for stabilizers. It is also particularly excellent for lubricating heavy linear switches, simply use a very small amount and to brush on a very thin and even film.

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