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Wooting™ Lekker / Gateron™ KS-20 “compatible” - the switch films are not form fitting but can be made fit, the plate gaskets fits the standard MX style plate cutouts, and the PCB pads do not interfere with the sensors but help dampen the downstroke and PCB reverb.

We recommend the silicone version due to it being easier bent to fit.


Introducing our innovative 3-in-1 design, which combines three essential functions into one seamless solution without wasting any material. Available in either authentic PORON™ or soft Silicone, our product covers every aspect of switch tightening, sound dampening, and sound isolation.

Switch films play a crucial role in reducing stem wobble by tightening the space between the top and bottom shell of the switch. Not only does this improve stability, but it also subtly alters the sound depending on the specific switch being modified.

Plate switch gaskets are designed for sound isolation. These components are inserted under the switches on top of the switch plate, helping to buffer the force applied to the switch against the plate, effectively isolating the switch's sound profile from the plate and deepening its sound signature.

Switch PCB pads serve a purpose similar to plate switch gaskets. These pads are placed between the switch and the PCB to isolate the switch from the PCB and reduce echoing in the space between the switch plate and the PCB.


Each bag contains:

  • 110 switch films + ~10 extra parts
  • 110 plate gaskets + ~10 extra parts
  • 110 PCB pads + ~10 extra parts
  • 16x 0.1mm Polycarbonate Washers

Total part count: 376 in one bag

Polycarbonate Washers serve as an optional spacers for hot swap PCBs. They are added to the package to increase the gap between the plate and the PCB if necessary. This extra space allows for more room for the switches once the different parts are installed, depending on your needs or preferences this could, in some cases, make switch installation easier by making the switch snap into the plate with less resistance from the PCB.