How thicc is a KEEBMAT? 
Original: 4mm thicc
Felt: 5mm (3mm felt, 2mm foam)
Felt Coaster: 4mm (3mm felt, 1mm cork)

What sizes are available? 
- 40%-50%: 282 x 130 mm / 11.1x5.11 in
- 60%-65%: 320 x 132 mm / 12.59x5.19 in
- 65%-75%: 364 x 136 mm / 14.33x5.35 in
- 75%/TKL: 394 x 160 mm / 15.51x6.29 in
- 100%: 450x158 mm / 17.72x6.22 in
- PLUS: 70x30cm / 27.55x11.81 in
- Coaster: 10.2x10.2cm / 4x4 in
- Alice cut should fit all common TGR Alice clones that have symmetric sides like the Neo Ergo, Poly Alice (Police), Dolphin Alice (Dolice), Aburaya, Adagio, Alter, Amano, Arya, Austere, Avery, Ælith, Bahm Evelyn, BuzzSaw, Cheshire, Coloralice, Doma, Ellya, Ergo 160, Ergodicity, Erisu, Fallacy, Gaïa, Gaia, Hinoki, Hotter Take, Jergo, Kōkua, Lumos, Nasu, Nunu, OSA, ORI Genesis, Poly Nunu, Poverty Alice, Praxis, Qlavier Quasi Alice, Rotund, Rukia, Samice, Sesame, SMAlice, Sneakbox MGA & AVA, Switch Couture ElectroType Acrylic Alice, TKC Alice, Teclado Alicia, Tengu, Wampus Fossil, Wildcard, Yeti, Zamol Alice, Zhou Alice
* All sizes might vary a few millimeter between production batches.

Are those actually "in stock"?
Good question! Yes!
Unless otherwise indicated they are in stock and shipping straight out from our fulfillment center.

How can I make sure I select the right MAT for my KEEB?
Take a measurement tape, a ruler, or a banana for scale and measure the outline of the bottom of your keyboard and compare with the sizes above. If you are not sure because your keyboard is in between sizes you can also measure the maximum distance between the rubber bumpons, usually if those sit on the mat you are still good to go! Worst case, don't hesitate to contact us!

Will there be more colors and designs?
Possibly! Depending on interested and feedback, we definitely would LOVE to make them in more colors, different designs, maybe even different sizes. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay up-to-date with future releases and follow @keebmat on instagram!

Why DESKMAT not KEEBMAT? It's a personal choice which you will prefer and totally depends on your setup - some prefer their whole desk covered with a deskmat, some prefer to only cover their keyboard because they want the sound not the visuals of it. Both has its benefits, visual and functional.

But what about my mouse?
For recommendations on which mousepad is best for you check out this awesome chart!
A lot more people now also prefer trackpads, rollermice (never heard of rollermice? look it up, it's an interesting input device), and especially trackballs, like never before. If you want to check out trackballs there are a lot of custom trackball projects popping up recently! Open source there is Ploopy, for gamers there is GameBall, and the newest from Kensington the Orbit Fusion. If you like trackpads more, recently Jelly Comb released an alternative to the Apples Magic Trackpad.

My KEEBMAT arrived with a big fat crease across it and it looks like poop!
For FELT click here, for original KEEBMAT:
We take extra care to make sure your parcel is well protected, however sometimes there is movement while in transit. Creases should naturally disappear after a few days, however you could also fix this by placing something flat and really heavy on it - like a whole bunch of large books - until the rubber straightens out. If you tried that for a day or two and it still looks like doodoo please don't hesitate to contact us!

How long does it ACTUALLY take till I get one?
Once you finish your purchase the order will be shipped out in the next 1-2 business days - after that it depends where in the world you are. It will give you an indication on the shipping price selector how long it will take. Those are of course estimates from different carriers and we have all learned that these days they are to be taken not so serious... but in our tests the delivery times turned out to be pretty fast!
Lets assume you are in the United States then your order should be there within 3-10 business days (+1 to 2 business days for processing on our side) - meaning if you order it on Monday there is a chance it is at your doorstep by Friday but it is much more likely it will come earlier to mid in the week after.

My order has not yet arrived and it's been ALMOST THREE WEEKS!
This is very possible - glitches happen, packages can get lost, skyscraper sized container ships block unblockable channels... usually you should wait 4 weeks and a bit to be sure something is amiss. If you waited 4 weeks and nothing has changed please don't hesitate a second longer and contact us
Don't panic, in case it really is lost in the void we will of course send out a new one!

I want my own design on it, can you make me a custom one?
No, sadly not - UNLESS you and at least 100 more of your friends want the same custom one too, then we can talk ;)

Why has my order not shipped yet?
We ship every workday of the week, this means we do not ship on Saturday nor Sunday. This means even expedited shipping will go out Monday morning, not Friday night. If you have not received a shipping email within the next 24 hours or the next Monday if you ordered on a weekend please contact us!

My order has not updated for 3 days!
This is normal, until you don't see an update for a whole week, this can be a customs issue, port issues, parcel/postal system overload, and many more reasons we can not influence. In case your package was delivered but you have not actually receive it please contact us or if you have paid for route insurance, please open a claim directly with Shiptection.