KEEBMAT™ Premium Felt Edition (incl. Free Coaster!)

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Now with free color matching Keeb Coaster included!

(* Free coasters were added August 2022!)


[Nicer pictures coming soon!]

Note about Alice size:

This specific cut has no outline stitching because of its unique shape. We tried various methods but it always looked uneven across the whole mat. We decided to not support edge stitching in favor of optics. In terms of quality or separation of parts, it should not make a big difference at all - both materials are fused solid.


 - 5mm total: 3mm extra premium fluffy felt on 2mm extra spongy natural rubber


- 60%: 320x132 mm / 12.59x5.19 in
- 65%: 364x136 mm / 14.33x5.35 in
- TKL: 394x160 mm / 15.51x6.29 in
- Alice: see FAQ
- PLUS: 700x300 mm / 27.55x11.81 in
(Sizes might vary 1-2mm!)


 - Medium Gray
 - Light Gray


 - Each shipment contains a pack of four 3mm tall Custom Clear Silicone Bump-ons for your Wrist Rest in case you want to increase its height!
 - Color matched Keeb Coaster

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