U.S. Customer Credit Card Declined

When a charge is submitted to the issuer of your credit card, they have automated systems and models that determine whether or not to authorize it. These systems analyze various signals, such as your spending habits, account balance, and card information such as the expiration date, address information and CVC.

When using your credit card online with a business not registered in the U.S. it is very common for U.S. banks to decline the charge and give back a very generic response like "Card Declined" which shows up on our side as "Do Not Honor". In most cases we found that the quickest and easiest way to resolve this is to give your bank a quick call and to authorize the charge or let them know a "foreign"/"overseas" charge was not fraudulent.

Hotline Numbers:

  • Bank of America: +1 (315) 724-4022
  • Wells Fargo: +1 (800) 869-3557
  • US Bank: +1 (503) 401-9991
  • Schwab: +1 (800) 435-4000
  • Chase: +1 (800) 935-9935
  • Citi: +1 (210) 677-0065