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Check available Stock via Coaster Yes/No Dropdown! - old stock will have the coaster not included inside the package and be $1 cheaper (coasters can be added separately if avail here).

Our high-quality tiny mats are designed to protect your desk and elevate your typing experience by providing a smooth, comfortable surface for your keyboard and a thockier sound for your ears. Made with premium natural non-slip foam rubber and all around closed pantone matching edge stitching, a KEEBMAT not only enhances the aesthetic of your workspace, calms down your boards sound profile, but also ensure that your keyboard stays firmly in place.


 - 4mm


- 40%: 282x130 mm / 11.1x5.11 in
- 60%: 320x132 mm / 12.59x5.19 in
- 65%: 364x136 mm / 14.33x5.35 in
- TKL: 394x160 mm / 15.51x6.29 in
- Alice: see FAQ


 - Coasters are included with all restocked models (select "Yes") but can also be bought separate here in some colors in case only "No" is in stock
 - Each shipment (not each KEEBMAT) contains one pack of four 3mm tall custom made Clear Silicone Bumpons for your Wrist Rest in case you want to increase its height

Please note
that the pictures are taken with studio lighting and that the light reflecting silky fabric will in person come out a few shades darker and a lot smoother. The color is a lot better in person than it is currently possible to show in pictures. 
Check out this video to see how impossible the color is to catch with a camera.