Restock - July 2022

UPDATE: Our estimate of mid June was delayed by three weeks due to supply chain issues. We still hope for before end of June July!
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As you may have noticed, many of our original and premium felt KEEMATs are sold out.

We have ordered new stock which will be made from slightly softer and better quality felt and will be available in our standard mid-gray but also light gray. Going forward, each felt product will be given a free color matching felt and cork made coaster. These coasters will also be for sale separately for new and existing owners. The felt on the coasters will match current and past felt colors.

We estimate new stock to be available to ship in the first half mid-end of July.


Additionally we are working on a 70 x 30 cm (27.56 x 11.81 inches) large premium felt "plus" edition - same high quality fluffy material but enough to cover your keyboard, mouse, wrists, and elbows. Our new KEEBMAT+ Premium Felt Edition will be available in mid and light gray and also include a free coaster.


More KEEBMAT+ variations will follow in the coming month as we are actively working on using certified fabric from Cordura and other high quality micro fiber fabrics.


Moving forward, our original KEEBMAT lineup will also see new colors.


We have more announcements coming next week at the end of the month!