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Topre™/HHKB™/EC PCBs: See disclaimer below!

Wooting™ compatible - just be extra careful in case you remove it.

KEEBTAPE consists of 1mm thick industrial use micro suction material, it is not the same material as store bought "acrylic tape".
It is divided into 15 individual pieces, from 1u single key pieces, and up to one part covering a whole 60% PCB. It is a thick and heavy but very soft material that acts as a sound and vibration dampener.

It is a great alternative for any sort of thin painters or gaffer tape commonly used with tape mods. Especially because it will not leave any adhesive residue and is fully transparent, letting your underglow shine at full brightness!

Most importantly, it will give your board a better and cleaner sound without any further modifications.

Easy to apply, removable without tearing apart or staining the PCB even after long use, transparent and therefore RGB underglow compatible, hot swap compatible, millmax compatible, heat resistant up to >140°C, 1mm thick which adds weight and also some bottom out protection against scratches and shorts when your flex PCB might hit the bottom case, when removed carefully it can be reused, even cleaned with water and then dried.

Check the manual here: KEEBTAPE MANUAL

Individual pieces included:

2x 1u, 1x 2u, 2x 3u, 4x 4u, 1x 5u, 1x 6u, 2x 2x3u, 1x 4x5u, 1x 15x5u

I didn't really expect that much going into it, but this made an actual insane difference. Sounds a bit louder and much deeper. Honestly I'm sold on it, I would totally buy it for all my boards.
- David R.

I used it on a board specifically because it doesn't sound great on it's own. The tape dampened hollowness in the case and also made the switches itself sound a little higher pitched, unlike tape and PE foam which normally makes switches sound deeper. I think it's great and it really helps cheap and bad sounding boards.
- Disastertron

Compatibility - Parts included can cover any of the following:

DISCLAIMER: Remove KEEBTAPE very slowly and with caution from PCB! Do NOT apply onto electrostatic capacitive or similar uninterrupted and componentless flat circuit boards such as HHKB™, Realforce™, NovaTouch™, or Leopold™. Components that could overheat, such as microcontroller units, should not be covered by KEEBTAPE. The Seller or Producer of KEEBTAPE does not assume any liability arising out of the application, the removal, or the use of KEEBTAPE nor be liable for negative results or any damages to the Buyer’s products or property that may occur by proper or improper use of KEEBTAPE by any person. Application and use of this product happen at the Buyer’s own risk.